Founded in 1987 for the purposes of helping its clients identify the impact and effectiveness of their core business mandates, Third Power Market Development, Inc is a business savvy, full-service market research and evaluation firm with a special emphasis on Public Policy issues relating to education, health, utilities, labor and transportation. In addition, the firm has a successful track record in support of large construction projects as it relates to relocation and/or other long-term impact issues.

Third Power’s work includes a diverse range of internal and external market-driven research projects for corporate and municipal clients, including internal support for private, public, and independent sector clients in the form of employee workplace satisfaction surveys and personnel evaluations. The integrity and expertise of Third Power’s highly qualified staff and strategic partners allows clients to focus on a vital business need: The ability to measure Impact, both quantitatively and qualitatively, is the key to understanding success.

Third Power has the people, expertise and innovative spirit to be your perfect partner. We will provide the clarity our clients need to determine their business’ impact in the marketplace!


Dr. Guy McCombs Board of Directors Chairman: At Independence: A Family of Services, Inc.

Dr. Guy McCombs begins his fourth year as Chairman of the Board of Directors after 18 years as a Board member with Independence: A Family of Services, Inc. (IFS).

IFS Mission

The mission is to create the pathways to success for at-risk and troubled youth and families through innovative programs and services in urban New Jersey.